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HeatherDaniel International has worked with the majority of our clients for a number of years now, we understand how specific they are on who is invited to interview and how important company fit and culture are.

We find out everything you can about our clients, their business, their products, their position in their industry, their reputation, their competition, their financial stability, and the key decision-makers who work there. We study the company, take notes and note down questions related to their business when we meet with them.

We find out everything we can about the person that will interview you. We research extensively to try and ascertain the best cultural fit for you.

We carefully think through each element of the job description for the position you are being considered for and prepare concrete examples of when, where, and how you have done all the specific things described in the open position.

Telling stories is a very powerful interview technique. We will help you prepare brief stories about your past accomplishments and experiences that illustrate how you provided value to your past employers, and by inference, how you would bring similar value to a new company. You will be ready to tell your stories and demonstrate in detail how you fit each and every requirement listed.

"candidate quality and speed of service"

"Cube retain HDI on an ongoing basis for all new technical appointments. We have a positive working relationship and benefit from their market knowledge, candidate quality and speed of service. We know we can rely on their confidentiality and professional integrity."

Wayne Mullins - Cube LLP

"Professional, sincere and courteous"

"I have found Heather Daniel to be professional, sincere and courteous in their approach, with extensive knowledge about the market and their clients. They are focused on taking time to assess the candidate personality and experience to find the best suited opportunity. A very pleasant and stress free experience."

Colm Morgan Senior - Expert witness

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