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HeatherDaniel International has worked with the majority of our clients for a number of years now, we understand how specific they are on who is invited to interview and how important company fit and culture are. 

We find out everything you can about our client, their business, their products, their position in their industry, their reputation, their competition, their financial stability and the key decision-makers who work there. We study the company, take notes and note down questions related to their business when we meet with them. 

We find out everything you can about the person that will interview you. We research extensively to try and ascertain the best cultural fit for you.

We carefully think through each element of the job description for the position you are being considered for and prepare concrete examples of when, where and how you have done all the specific things described in the open position.

Telling stories is a very powerful interview technique. We will help you prepare brief stories about your past accomplishments and experiences that illustrate how you provided value to your past employers, and by inference, how you would bring similar value to a new company. You will be ready to tell your stories and demonstrate with details how you fit each and every requirement listed. 

"HeatherDaniel International have made a real impact on our business"

“I have worked with HeatherDaniel and the team for several years now. When recruiting it is key to me that I have a contact who communicates regularly, fully understands the job requirements and most importantly understands the culture of our company. This is what I have found with working with HeatherDaniel, as they will find a candidate which meets all of the criteria. All of the candidates we have recruited through HeatherDaniel have made a real impact in the business, which is a testament to the quality and the good fit of the candidates we get. In addition, HeatherDaniel is professional, friendly and personable which makes them a pleasure to work with.”

Paul Hampson - Tetra Tech

I can't recommend them enough!

"I was approached by HeatherDaniel regarding a role that they believed I was suitable for, which turned out to be a great judgement! I was kept up-to-date and supported throughout my application, and even after I secured the role, Dan went out of his way to make sure I was confident and satisfied in my new position. 

Very friendly team at HeatherDaniel and their professionalism is second to none. They helped me secure my first graduate role when jobs when were severely restricted due to covid, and for that I can't recommend them enough!"

Jacob Sayers - Candidate

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