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Find out more about us as a company as well as opportunities to work with us.

Established in 2019 we have seen a strong market followed by the global pandemic and deepest recession, all of which has not stopped our continued growth throughout the USA, UK and the rest of the world. We have vacancies in exciting locations globally, and internally in a range of construction sectors. 

We have a continuous need for senior professionals in the construction consultancy sector, as well as high calibre recruitment professionals to work for HDi.   

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We make our employees our priority

We invest in the best employees in the best ways to suit their individual needs. That could be more holidays, flexible working hours or targeted training. All of which not only benefit our employees, but importantly our clients too. 

Todays candidate is tomorrows client

Investing highly in our candidates automatically ensures clients receive the highest of standards. We are not here for the short term, as dealing with high net worth senior individuals on a regular basis means often the line between candidate and client is blurred. 

Highly professional and effective recruitment executive

HeatherDaniel International are a highly professional and effective recruitment executive. Always attentive to both the candidates and employers requirements and ensuring transparent and positive dialogue that aligns goals and expectations.

Joseph Infante - Rapid DCS

"I would recommend to anyone!"

HeatherDaniel is probably one of the best recruitment companies. Chris Hall has contacted me not long ago to let me know there is a huge opportunity out there and here I am today, working with amazing people, in a very well organised company. I would recommend to anyone! They are trustworthy!

Mihaela Matei - candidate